Hospitality Education Awards

The tourism training awards in Portugal

May 31, 2019


6 Categories

Hospitality Education Awards - the awards that value the talent in Education and Training in Tourism in Portugal. They contribute to the dignification of the professions in the tourism sector and stimulate the improvement of the formative quality, responding to the needs of national companies.

Best Educational Project

This award aims to recognize several fields of the educational process, be they projects in the field of education, sustainable development, technologies, international exchange and entrepreneurship.

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Best Innovation and Development Project (I&D)

This award seeks to recognize projects already implemented focused on innovation and development with direct application in the tourism and hospitality sector. Projects that make a difference in the quality of a destination, in the social and/or economic paradigm, with the purpose of stimulating a society better prepared for the future.

Best Teaching Career in Higher Education

This award aims to recognize the career path of a professor of higher education teaching in tourism and hospitality degrees, rewarding his academic and professional path.

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Best Teaching Career in Vocacional Education

This award aims to recognize the career path of a teacher of vocational education teaching in tourism and hospitality courses. It intends to reward its academic and professional path.

Best Stakeholder

This award seeks to recognize the stakeholder, whether from the private or public sector, who performs best in support of tourism training. It intends to recognize who has a broad vision in the involvement between training and professionalism, making prevail the evolution and construction of a young professional.

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Fórum Turismo Award

Prize awarded to a teaching professional (not in the active) who has distinguished himself by his extraordinary professional career.

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